Christmas Kisses 2015 International Digital Award Finalist

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Pleasuring Emily is a Finalist in 2015 Carolyn Readers Choice Award

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2014 International Digital Award Winner

aHunter4Rescue received First Place in the 2014 International Digital Awards in the Paranormal Category.
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2014 Heart of Excellence Award

aHunter4Rescue placed third in the ACRA 2014 Heart of Excellence Readers’ Choice Award in the Paranormal Romance Category! Thank you to ACRA for the opportunity to enter aHunter4Rescue and a special thanks to the judges.
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New Release Pleasuring Emily

Pleasuring Emily is a sensual Regency novella Emily has lived a life in the shadows as a governess. All that changes when she inherits a fortune. She has no desire for a man in her life until she meets Lord Waverly, her cousin’s lover. How can she refuse his offer to teach her about pleasure? Marcus, Lord Waverly is a man well versed in the sensual arts. Emily intrigues him. Determined to introduce her to the delights of lovemaking, he is surprised when passion explodes between them.
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Carolyn finalist 2014

aHunter4Rescue is a Carolyn finalist!

New Release: aHunter4Rescue

The first book of the aHunter4Hire series was released on October 2, 2013. This was my first foray into the world of ebook publishing and the learning curve was huge, but very enjoyable. Thank you to all who supported me in my efforts. Your help and belief made it all possible. I would also like to thank my readers. You make writing enjoyable and give it purpose.

The Kinross Incident

This month I am keeping the newsletter short. I would like to focus on the incident that sparked the Hunter’s series and get my reader’s opinion about it. It is known as the Kinross Incident. I’ve explained it more fully in my Author’s Note at the end of aHunter4Rescue, but in case you haven’t checked it out, please visit this website for more information: Searching the incident on the internet will also bring up more information. I would be interested in knowing what you think about this incident. Do you think it was a UFO, or was it just a matter of jet crashing? There is also the strange transmission after the search jets were sent up. Was that a real time transmission, or were they hearing a transmission from an earlier time? There are many questions still seemingly unanswered. It might have been a case of a downed jet, yet the reason the jet was scrambled in the first place remains a mystery. Let me know what you think happened Read more HERE