Christmas Kisses

Torn between two men…

Abandoned at the altar ten years earlier, Alicia is surprised when her ex-fiancé, Jason, returns to renew his suit. This time, his best friend Thomas, also comes courting. Alicia is no longer a child easily swayed by false promises. She is a woman who needs a man she can depend upon and trust, especially with her deepest secrets.

The Outcast…

Accused of a heinous act and banished from his family, Thomas has returned home as the new Viscount Marwick. He is no longer a second son without prospects, and is determined to win the hand of Alicia, the woman he has always loved. Can he persuade her to trust him or will she cast him aside for his best friend?

The Duke’s heir…

Jason jilted Alicia because his family didn’t approve of the match. Now, he needs a wife and Alicia’s beauty still stirs him. His prospects seem excellent and he sees no reason why they can’t continue where they left off.

Will Alicia be able to see through the lies and deceit to find true love?

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“You don’t trust men.” There was sadness in Thomas’s voice.

Alicia shook her head. “I don’t trust myself. I made a horrible mistake and I don’t want to repeat it.”

“You’ve grown and matured.” Thomas leaned toward her, his voice intense. “You’ve been a wife and mother. You can’t let one mistake stop you from enjoying life.”

“It’s because I’m a mother that I have to be careful. I won’t be rushed into a decision that affects both of us.”

“I’m not going anywhere.” Thomas put his hands on her arms and drew her close. “I promise to give you all the time you need.”

He bent his head and brushed his lips against hers. A jolt of fire shot through her and instinctively she leaned into him. He deepened the kiss, letting his tongue smooth against her lips until she opened for him. The world spun as he glided his tongue against hers. She was lost in the sensations stirring deep within her.

Heat coursed through her body.

Passion and hunger sparked to life.

She was breathless by the time Thomas ended the kiss. He rested his forehead against hers and it took a few seconds before their breathing returned to normal. He gave her nose a small kiss and then moved away.

“I never meant for that to happen.” Thomas’s voice was hoarse. “Please accept my apology”

Alicia straightened her gown. “There’s no need. Perhaps it would be best if we return to the ballroom.”

Thomas gave her a crooked smile. “I had no intention of pressuring you with unwanted advances.”

Alicia struggled to find the right words to explain how she felt. “The kiss was beautiful, but I’m not ready to make any decisions.”

“I will take things slower in the future.” Thomas’s voice was low with sincerity. “I have every intention of courting you properly. I’m not interested in an affair. I want you for my wife.”

Alicia’s heart skipped a beat. “It’s too soon for you to know that. You’ve only just returned to Marwick.”

“You are the only woman for me. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to win your heart, I will always be here for you.”

Christmas Kisses

Charles, the Earl of Stratton, has lived for eleven years with guilt and battle fatigue. The horror of war is a constant in his life. He has tried to silence his demons, but nothing works until he returns home for the holidays. There he finds peace, and the love he thought he’d destroyed, waiting for him.

Helen lost both of the men she loved to the war. Her brother, Jack, who died on the battlefield, and Charles, who avoids her. Her love for Charles has never died. When he finally comes home for Christmas, it’s to introduce his fiancée to his family.

Will the Christmas season give them a second chance at happiness? Or will honor demand they separate forever?

Christmas Kisses is a Sensual Regency Novella of 20,000 words.


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He glanced at the ceiling. They were standing underneath one of the chandeliers. Hanging from it was a Christmas ball of mistletoe.

“You have to kiss.”

Helen’s heart skipped a beat.

Charles’s lips twisted into a wry grin. “We’d best do as they ask.”

For years she had dreamed of kissing Charles, but never with an audience. She took a calming breath. “Georgette can be very determined.”

He bent to give her a light peck on her cheek.

Georgette squealed. “Not like that.”

“You’ll destroy your reputation, Stratton.” Rayburn’s voice held laughter. “Do it properly.”

Stratton sighed and then put his arm around her waist. Her stomach fluttered. He pulled her closer. Helen’s breath caught in her throat. All these years of loving from a distance and finally she was in his arms.

His mouth descended and she closed her eyes. His lips brushed across hers. Soft at first and then they settled firm against her mouth. She savored the feel and taste of him. The world spun. Her knees weakened and if he hadn’t been holding her, she would have fallen.

Nothing had prepared her for the shock of desire that bolted through her body.

He pulled away and she opened her eyes. She gazed into his dark brown eyes. The world stilled and for a fleeting second she saw the tortured soul within him.


Pleasuring Emily

Pleasuring Emily is a sensual Regency-set Historical novella of 18,000 words.

Emily has lived a life in the shadows as a governess. All that changes when she inherits a fortune. She has no desire for a man in her life until she meets Lord Waverly, her cousin’s lover. How can she refuse his offer to teach her about pleasure?

Marcus, Lord Waverly is a man well versed in the sensual arts. Emily intrigues him. Determined to introduce her to the delights of lovemaking, he is surprised when passion explodes between them.

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A tingling at the back of her neck made her glance over her shoulder.

Lord Waverly’s gaze pierced hers.

Her breath caught in her throat.

His eyes held hers for several seconds and the rest of the world faded away. All that existed was them. He moved toward her and excitement hummed through her veins. Her heart pounded faster as each step he took, brought him closer. He stopped in front of her and bowed. Her stomach clenched with anticipation.

“I believe you promised me this waltz.”

Words failed her. She nodded and stood. They had never danced together before and she certainly hadn’t promised him anything. Waverly led her onto the dance floor and gathered her into his arms. Within seconds, they had joined the other couples and were twirling to the beats of the music.

It was exhilarating.

It was delicious.

“The music provides the enchantment.” Waverly’s voice was a husky whisper. “Let yourself flow with the one two three of the rhythm.”

“Is this how you seduce all your women?”

“Never.” Waverly gave her a wide smile. “They’re much too sophisticated to enjoy the simple delight of dancing in a man’s arms.”

“So you’re still determined to teach me about lovemaking.”

“Can you doubt it?”

Emily shook her head. The one thing she’d learned about Waverly over the past month was that he was a man of his word. “So dancing is part of the lesson?”

“For an innocent young woman, it is one of the few opportunities allowed.”

“What if I want more?” Emily raised an eyebrow. Two could play at this game.

“Waiting adds to the magic.” Waverly swirled her to the outside of the dance floor. “The memory of my arms holding you, will stay with you tonight. I will be with you in your dreams.”

The Seduction of Madalyn

‘A man, elegant in black, stood separate.
Madalyn’s heart skipped a beat as she recognized Mr. Carter. He had entered the galley just as the auction began. He was leaning against the wall, his arms crossed. His eyes were indifferent as he stared at her. A shiver of dread ran up her spine.
This was the man who had bought her.’

Madalyn stows away on The Folly to follow her kidnapped brother to the new world. When she is discovered, she is auctioned off, and forced to wed the highest bidder, Nathan Carter. She is determined to find her brother and return to England, but when passion flares between her and Nathan, all she desires is his touch.

Nathan’s plan to set Madalyn free is thwarted, and he finds himself compelled to wed at gunpoint. He agrees to help Madalyn find her brother, but the marriage is to be annulled at the earliest opportunity. Despite the growing attraction he feels towards Madalyn, he has loved and lost. He may want and need her, but he is determined never to love again.

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She bit her lip as she tried to imagine what kind of woman could break Nathan Carter’s heart. Before last night she would have sworn that he didn’t have a heart, but his kisses gave her pause.

“A penny for your thoughts.”

Madalyn jumped at the sound of Nathan’s voice. She turned away from the mirror to see him standing at her bedroom door.

Nathan grinned. “I hope your reaction means that you’re happy to see me.”

“You startled me.” Madalyn took a deep breath. “I wasn’t expecting you to come in without knocking.”

“I thought we had already settled that last night.” Nathan shut the door.

“I might have been dressing.”

“Annie assured me that you were ready.” Nathan leaned against the door. “You look stunning.”

Madalyn flushed. There was warmth in his voice and a gleam in his eye that she recognized as admiration. Never had a man looked at her in such a way before. A rush of heat spread through her body.

“Annie insisted on dressing my hair up.”

“She knew I had a surprise for you.” Nathan reached inside his jacket and pulled out a long thin black velvet box. He walked over to the dressing table.

Madalyn gasped when Nathan opened the box. Inside were a ruby necklace and two matching hair combs. Nathan lifted the necklace and fastened it around her neck. Vibrant stones sparkled within a circlet of gold that surrounded her neck. From this, a spray of larger rubies dropped onto her chest. It was stunning and complimented her gown beautifully.

Madalyn fingers flitted across the necklace. “It’s magnificent.”

Nathan removed the two combs and placed one on each side of her upturned hair. “They reminded me of you.”

“Me?” Her voice was little more than a squeak.

“You’re all fire and warmth.” Nathan leaned close to her ear. “Passion flickers just below your surface, ready to burst into flames at the slightest provocation.”

A shiver of excitement shot through her body. Nathan nibbled at her ear and she quivered in his arms. He tilted her head and captured her lips in a searing kiss. Madalyn lost all sense of time as her body burned with need.

Desire came to life within her, reaching the very depths of her soul. Passion was ignited. A hunger for more sent her into Nathan’s arms. She melted against him, the hardness of his body sending tremors to her lower body. A curl of pleasure wrapped itself around Madalyn until she pulsed with need.

“Should we forget the ball?” Nathan’s hand held Madalyn against his body, letting her feel the extent of his arousal.

“Would that be wise?”

Nathan sighed. “We’re already causing enough speculation. It wouldn’t do to feed the gossip mills with more.”

Madalyn wet her lips, shivering at the lingering sensation of pleasure that remained from Nathan’s kiss. “You’re right of course.”

Nathan touched her lips, caressing them lightly with his fingers. “Now you look like a properly loved bride.”

Seduction of Sarah


Sarah cannot erase the memory of Alex’s embrace, nor can she forget that he is her cousin’s intended. Even as she thwarts his efforts at seduction, she longs to be in his arms.
When Alex realizes what Sarah wants, he’s more than willing to satisfy her…

Widowed Sarah Wellsley delights in her daily swim until she is discovered by an imposing stranger who mistakes her for a harlot. Having escaped the man’s embrace, she’s mortified to meet him again mere hours later, and shocked to discover he is the Marquess of Caldern and her cousin Caroline’s intended.

Alex has abandoned dreams of love. His marriage will be a business arrangement, but on the eve of his proposal he is seized by the passion to possess his intended’s quiet cousin, Sarah. She thwarts his most ingenious attempts at seduction, yet she is at his side, unbidden, when he is in danger.

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Sarah turned the handle slowly and opened the door wide enough to look inside. The room was shrouded in darkness. Her candle provided enough light to discern the bed and its occupant. She entered the room, silently closing the door behind her.

Taking a deep breath, she forced her legs to move. Even though she felt that she needed to make certain Alex’s wound was healing, she still hesitated. She was not certain Alex would be happy with her concern.

Sarah crept toward the large four-poster bed, the darkness closing around her with each step. She saw Caldern’s massive frame rise and fall evenly. Sarah held her breath, wincing at the creaking floorboards, yet still moving forward. She needed to be certain his head injury was not serious. 

When Sarah reached the bed she put the candle on the nightstand. She leaned over the Marquess, straining to hear if his breathing was regular before checking his bandages. When she was certain there was no need to be concerned she reached her hand out to his arm.

Suddenly, she was caught in the tight grip of the Marquess. She grimaced as pain shot up her arm. He dragged her close to him. She could feel his rapid heart beat and his breath was hot on her face.

“What the hell are you doing?” Caldern’s voice was quiet, but his tone menacing.

“You are hurting me.” Sarah’s heart beat frantically and she tried to pull his fingers away from her arm. They were immoveable.

Sarah looked into his steely eyes. He had no intention of freeing her. She did not want to admit her concern, but she had no choice. “I wanted to see you.”

“So you sneak into my bedchamber?”

“I did no such thing,” Sarah denied hotly. Her anxiety was swiftly changing to outrage.

Caldern eyes narrowed. Sarah felt the color rise in her cheeks and she began to struggle against his grip. Instead of being released, she found herself dragged off her feet and held tightly in Alex’s arms. She tried to push herself away, but he only held her closer.

“I thought you were not interested in an affair?” he whispered in her ear. His breath tickled her face. She inhaled his musky scent and a shiver of desire ran through her. She opened her mouth to deny his words, but before she could speak his lips closed over hers in a searing kiss.

Sarah tried to stop him, but he overwhelmed her with his unrestrained passion. He stroked her tongue with his, teasing and enticing her. Pleasure radiated from her lips, spreading throughout her body until Sarah felt her whole being throb with excitement. Her resistance melted and she relaxed.

Alex tightened his arms, moving her closer to his heated body. Sarah savored the feel of his hard muscles against hers, burning with an inner yearning that she had never felt before. Within seconds she had lost her inhibitions, responding to his silent urgings, moving restlessly in his arms.

His hands began to caress her body, pulling at the thin fabric of her nightgown until he had exposed the sensitive skin beneath. Sarah gasped in surprise as a jolt of electricity shot through her. His hand trembled against her skin, lightly stroking her back. With a swiftness that took her breath away, Alex shifted her in his arms so that she rested against the bed. She found herself looking up into his glimmering eyes.

“You look good in my bed. I knew you could not resist coming to me.”

His words slowly penetrated the fog in her brain. “You are wrong,” she stammered.

“Nonsense,” he said with a satisfied smile. “There is no need to explain. We are both old enough to know what we want.”

“You think I desire you?” Sarah shook her head in denial.

“Your lips tell me all I need to know.”

“You took me by surprise.” Sarah struggled to sit up, but his body blocked her escape.

“You cannot deny that you enjoy kissing me.” Caldern brushed his lips over hers before lightly nipping them with his teeth.

“I have already told you that I am not interested.” Sarah’s voice shook. She pounded her fist against Caldern’s chest. “Let me up.”

Caldern’s eyes hardened and Sarah suppressed a shiver. He moved away from her and she sat up. She could not allow herself to succumb to his seduction. He was going to marry her cousin.

“It seems I misjudged the situation once again.” Caldern leaned against his pillows. His voice was devoid of emotion, his body stiff with indignation.

“I should never have come tonight.”

“Why did you?”

Sarah was about to answer him when a noise from the hallway stopped her. She strained her ears to listen to the slight shuffling sound. Caldern clasped her arm and motioned her to be silent. 

The noise came closer and stopped outside his door. Caldern pushed her from his bed and motioned for her to go to the dressing room. Sarah moved swiftly. The last thing she wanted was to be caught in a compromising situation with the Marquess. She opened the door and slid into the room with a quick backward glance at Caldern. 

He had repositioned himself in bed, the covers over his body and her candle now blown out. To an outside observer he looked to be sleeping. She peered through a slight opening, watching as the door to the bedchamber opened slowly.


He’s bound to his code, but she’s the one he wants. Will love bring them together, or will duty tear them apart?

Firbin is part of the attack on an Albireon stronghold when he rescues Marissa. His expertise in weapons and explosives is needed for the continued skirmish, but he can’t abandon the woman he is starting to bond with

The last thing Marissa remembers is speaking with her boss, the CEO of a multi-national oil company. When a new lethal weapon is used against the Hunters, it is imperative that they track down the location of the devices before they are unleashed on the human race. Will Marissa be able to help them locate the deadly armaments?

As the pair work to stay alive, tensions flare and sparks fly. Can Firbin and his team find the weapon before it is too late? Dare Marissa believe that the bond between them is real?

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“Against all odds, you were able to find me.” Marissa’s voice was filled with wonder. “There’s no way I can deny that we are connected.”

“Good.” Firbin turned back to the explosives in his bag. “After this is over, we can discuss the possibility of you accepting me in your life.”

“You mean as your mate?”

Firbin’s hands stilled on the ignition wire he was holding.

There had been a seriousness in her voice that he hadn’t detected before. Marissa knelt down beside him and touched his arm. A shiver of awareness and heat rushed through is body.

“We both know that there is more to this connection than you just reading my mind.”

Firbin was filled with an intense desire to bring her close. He tilted his head and saw the same flame in Marissa’s eyes. His hand brushed against her cheek as he let his fingers spread out through her hair. Sparks of passion flowed between them. Firbin didn’t hesitate. He leaned close and let his lips caress hers.

Joy and heat warred within him.

Marissa pulled him closer and opened her mouth. She darted her tongue out and glided it against his. A thrill of ecstasy swept over him and he was lost in the beauty of the kiss. He’d never dreamed something like this was possible. Nothing in his experience had prepared him for the sensation of being one with another. The kiss intensified their bond and left him wanting more.

Now was not the time.

He had to be certain Marissa was safe. With a groan of regret, he ended the kiss and looked down at Marissa. Her eyes were closed and the expression of joy on her face humbled him. To see her happy was everything he wanted for Marissa.

She opened her eyes.

“We will definitely discuss mating when this is over.” Marissa sighed and moved away. “I had better let you get back to your work. I don’t want to distract you. I’d never forgive myself if you got hurt.”

Firbin felt invincible. “You have shown me what I have to live for.”

“Good.” Marissa straightened her shoulders. “The sooner we kill the bad guys, and get out here, the better.”


He’s been held captive for thirty years. She’s being chased by an alien organization. When their paths cross, will they be able to find freedom together?

Eogan is a Hunter, an elite alien warrior who has been imprisoned on Earth. He has waited patiently for the chance to escape and when it comes, he’s ready. Time is of the essence as he travels to reunite with his fellow Hunters. When he finds Hester fighting for her life, he saves her. Together, they must escape the enemies pursuing them. Despite Hester’s reluctance to believe his growing bond to her, Eogan vows to protect her no matter what the cost.

Hester Adams is a professor of archaeology who is intrigued by Gobekli Tepe and alternative history theories. Her excursion to the ruins is destroyed when a jeep full of soldiers surround her and her companions. She barely escapes with her life when Eogan saves her, but her troubles have only begun. Tracked and stalked by a group she has no knowledge of, she is forced to look to Eogan for protection. Men have never found her desirable so can she believe Eogan’s claim of bonding? Dare she risk heartache and admit her own growing attraction to him?

Can Eogan and Hester elude the dark forces hunting them and find love?

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Hester swallowed back her tears. “I’ve been alone my whole life, and I’d grown used to it. I never expected to find someone. All that changed with you.”

“It has been the same for me.” Eogan kept his voice low. “Hunters were forbidden to mate and our implants made certain that we never did. I never imagined I would know the joy of bonding with another.”

“So we’re the same.” Hester leaned her head on his chest. “I don’t want to lose that.”

“If I don’t stop the Albireons now, we’ll never live in peace.” Eogan’s voice was gruff. “We might blend in on this planet, but the Albireons will make certain that you are never able to see your parents or return to your job at the university.”

“My life would be pointless without you.” Hester’s voice was a whisper. “You are my other half. I never thought anything as intense as bonding was possible. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Eogan’s eyes widened. “Are you telling me you will be my mate?”

Hester nodded.

“I dared not hope that you would desire me for a mate. We are bonded, but you have the right to choose another.” Eogan’s voice was hoarse. “It is an honor that you wish to be mated with me.”

She smiled. “I think you’re pretty terrific too. That’s why I don’t want you getting killed in this raid.”

“It is hard to kill a Hunter.”


Eogan nodded and pulled her close. She could feel his breath on her cheek and her heart started to beat at a frantic pace. She sensed that he was going to kiss her, and she licked her dry lips. His eyes widened and then his head lowered to hers.

It was a soft, tentative brush of lips.

Heat rushed through her.

She leaned closer, straining every muscle in her body to be nearer to him. He wrapped his arms around her back and supported her as he deepened the kiss. Sparks of fire tingled everywhere. Eogan’s tongue slid against hers, gliding and tasting, as they lost themselves in each other.

Time ceased to matter and the world spun away. Her essence touched his as they sealed their bond. The rattle of their dishes being picked up outside, broke the spell. They parted. Hester opened her eyes to find Eogan staring down at her with a blazing intensity.



Darrogh is an elite alien warrior. A life spent in combat on the outer frontiers of the galaxy has forged him into a skilled and effective soldier. He has never had contact with women until he crashes on Earth with the rest of his military unit. The last thing he expects or understands is the attraction he has to Tamsin, the woman he has been hired to protect. With unknown assailants threatening her life, Darrogh questions whether he should also be protecting her from him.

Tamsin lives a life of luxury. The daughter of an aristocratic British banker, she rejected her father’s arranged marriage when she found her fiancé in bed with her best friend. She has distanced herself from her family’s heritage and built a life of her own. All of that changes when her father insists that she needs protection, and contacts aHunter4Hire. Tamsin asserts that she can take care of herself, but she can’t fight her attraction to Darrogh. Dare she trust another man with her heart?


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Darrogh looked down at their joined hands. A sense of peace and purpose filled him. It was right that he was here with Tamsin. He raised her hand to his lips and kissed it.

“I told you I was uncertain of the attraction between us.” Darrogh’s voice was hoarse. “I have no doubts now.”

“You have decided it is too great a risk.” Tamsin’s voice sounded resigned.

“Never.” Darrogh lifted her chin so that their eyes met. “You are my pair bond. It does not matter if you accept the connection because I know it to be true.”

“You had doubts earlier. What changed?”

“I realized that my feelings and bonding had nothing to do with this planet.” Darrogh’s voice was serious. “I am a Hunter and we form pair bonds with one woman only. That is part of our breeding. Implants were the only reason that it had not happened in the past. Being on Earth has nothing to do with our ability to find a mate.”

“So what does that mean for us?”

“I trust who I am as a warrior and as a Hunter.” Darrogh’s words were like a vow. “I am bonded to you and I will always be with you. You are a part of me. Your wishes are my desires.”

Tamsin’s eyes filled with tears. “I still don’t know if I believe what is happening between us.”

Darrogh wiped away one of Tamsin’s tears with his thumb. “I am completely committed and bound to you. Nothing can change that. I will protect and defend you with my last dying breath.”

Darrogh gathered her close.

He sensed her indecision.

It did not change how he felt. She was in danger and for the first time he realized that his years of fighting and battle had prepared him for this moment. Tamsin needed his protection and skills. He would defend her to the death and beyond.


‘She lured him like a siren.
Eighteen years a warrior and he was as weak as the first day he had held a weapon. If he had any defense against her magnetism, he would have turned the car around and went back to his unit. It was dangerous. His team was too far away to come to his rescue if this was a trap. Yet, he continued onward.
He could not deny the attraction.
He was powerless to resist.’

Partlan is an elite, alien warrior who is drawn back to Beverly Hills by FBI Special Agent Kelly. She stirs him like no other woman ever has. He has bonded to her and when danger threatens them both, he risks his life to protect her.

Agent Kelly only wants to arrest Partlan. She refuses to admit that there is an attraction between them. Life has taught her that men always leave, but when she and Partlan are kidnapped by an organization that is controlled by extra-terrestrials, she learns that a Hunter’s bond is forever.


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Partlan gathered her close, rubbing a soothing hand down her back. A wave of calm ebbed through her. There was no other place she wanted to be. It didn’t matter that they were being held prisoners in a concrete cell, or that the people holding them would kill them. All she cared about was being close to Partlan. She had to be crazy.

“It is easier not to fight the attraction.” His voice was a throaty whisper. “The bond is real. I fought it myself in the beginning because I did not believe. I was helpless against the strength of the connection. I had to be with you, even when it meant my own capture.”

Grace leaned into Partlan and closed her eyes. She let the peace and protection he offered flow through her. An urgent craving to know what it would be like to kiss him, overwhelmed her. She gazed up at him as wisps of desire curled inside her. Partlan seemed to understand. He bent and brushed his lips over hers.

Fire and passion rushed through her.

Her lips clung to his, as need overcame fear.

She sighed, luxuriating in the shivers of heat that danced through her. Delicious tendrils of pleasure coiled deep in her womb. She was lost in the touch and feel of Partlan. Her tongue darted into his mouth and twirled around his. Shards of delight sparked and lit flames of excitement that radiated from her inner core.

She yearned for more.

Her hands roamed up his firm chest, reveling in the thrill of bliss that settled within her. Partlan was perfect in every way. A shudder of exquisite joy caressed every part of her before the kiss ended. Their breathing was ragged as they rested their foreheads together.

“That was insane.” Grace inhaled a shaky breath.

“I have never felt anything like that.” Partlan’s voice shook. “There can be no doubt we are bonded.”



She was near.
Deep in his bones, her essence surrounded him and the memory of her was an ache that eight long years had not dulled. His head spun with the possibilities of what this meant. His breath caught in his throat; he forced himself to exhale. He’d been frantic to find her, but his efforts had been futile. She chose this moment, when he was on assignment in Beverly Hills, to reach out for him.
Why now?
Why here?

When her son is kidnapped, Selena contacts aHunter4Hire. The last person she expects to see is the mercenary who betrayed her years earlier. No longer young and innocent, she can’t deny that the passion between them still burns. She has rejected their bond and hid from him. Dare she trust him with rescuing her son?

Catal is an alien who has been stranded on Earth since he was ten years old. He is a Hunter, an ancient breed of warriors that have been modified and enhanced to be the best soldiers in the universe. Sent on a mission to rescue a missing child, he finds Selena, the woman who haunts him. She is his pair bond and mate, and he will risk his life to bring her son back alive.

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Catal pulled her close. “For eight years, I’ve been nothing but a shell of a man. Having known one’s mate and then to lose her, is worse than anything else. It is hell. Death would be preferable. The only reason I continued is that I hoped one day I would find you. That you would lower your defenses and let me in again.”

“Is that all it takes?” Selena’s voice was doubtful. “After so many years, all I have to do is open myself up to you?”

“Yes.” Catal looked down at her. “You have the power, not me. If you want to strengthen the bond, then it will be so.”

Selena reached up and brushed her hand over his forehead. He shivered at her touch, a soft moan escaped his lips. She tilted her head and let her fingers drift down the side of his face. His skin was rough from a couple of days of stubble, sending tingles of sensation throughout her body.

This was the man she had always loved.

The only man for her.

She leaned up and touched his lips with hers. Instant fire exploded. Catal clung for a second and then his mouth moved over hers. Sensations and desires that she had long thought dead came to life. She leaned into him and let her body lead the way.

His tongue glided over hers, sending flutters of heat throughout her. She twisted in his arms until she found the position where she fit perfectly. Her body remembered. This was heaven, and for several seconds, she let the world fade away while she luxuriated in the protection of Catal.

All too soon the kiss ended. She stared up into his eyes and almost cried at the love she saw there. He was her other half. He completed her. He had always been her mate, and she’d been a fool to deny it.





‘What a man.
He was a giant in comparison to the men she knew. It wasn’t just his height, which was at least six feet and a half. He had muscles on muscles. He had jet black hair and when he had opened his eyes, they were dark obsidian. Then there was the matter of his tattoo. He wore a number of symbols that her grandfather claimed were from the Star People.’

Niail is a Hunter, an elite alien warrior stranded on earth. He wakes up with no memory of his mission, injured, and unable to connect with his fellow Hunters. He is rescued by Kimi and her two children. When a drug lord threatens the family, he vows to guard them. It is a Hunter’s duty to defend those in need, but he will die to protect Kimi, the woman he has bonded with.

Kimi is a single mother of two children. When Niail is brought to her because of the Star People markings on his arm, she thinks he is like other men. His almost miraculous healing and strength have her believing that he is indeed from another planet. As they elude the men chasing them, she realizes that the bond they share is deeper than anything she has ever experienced. Dare she believe that she is destined to be his mate?

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Niail followed her into the house. The longer he spent with Kimi the more he was able to sense her feelings. The subject of Sam had upset her. Trying to understand without being able to connect fully was a challenge. One he had never had to deal with before.

In the past he followed commands. He took the position he was told to. He killed when he was ordered to. He obeyed. He never contemplated strategy. It was automatic; part of his training. He had relied on his commander to decipher their enemies’ motives and emotions.

“I do not want to distress you with my questions.” Niail stood behind Kimi as she washed her hands in the sink. “I am trying to understand why you deny what you feel.”

Kimi shook the water from her hands and reached for a towel. When she had finished she turned to face Niail. She was within a few inches of him and his stomach tightened. The scent of her filled his nostrils and it took all his strength not to pull her into his arms.

“This attraction between us is crazy.” Kimi’s gaze seemed to penetrate to his soul. “You’re not right for me. I need a man who understands my goals and people.”

“My bond grows stronger each minute I spend with you.” Niail’s fingers caressed her face. “My injury is preventing you from understanding the depth of our connection.”

Kimi shook her head. “It has no future.”

“I will honor whatever you decide.” Niail’s kept his voice steady, even though it felt as if he were breaking in two.

Kimi’s eyes widened and he was lost. Surely she would not deny him one kiss. He leaned close and waited. She didn’t disappoint. Her hands clasped around his neck and she pulled him in close.

Niail wrapped his arms around her waist.

He brushed his lips across hers and felt his heart thundering in his chest. The world spun as his tongue slid across the crease of her mouth. She sighed and opened for him. All thought vanished as he was swept into a maelstrom of sensations and feelings.

His body hardened.

He pulled her closer, feeling the frantic beat of her heart against his own. Reality disappeared and in its place was paradise. How could he ever let her go? He was bonded to her. His very existence depended on keeping her near.



‘Out of the flames came a man.
A survivor!
He was a giant of a man. He walked with a quick sure step. There was no hesitation or sign of injury in his pace. Strength, power, and command were evident in every stride he took as he moved closer to the truck. This was a man to be obeyed. Fiona shivered’

Fiona’s life changes forever when she witnesses the crash landing of a group of alien prisoners, known as Hunters. She helps the survivors and goes on the run with them as they elude the government agencies that are in pursuit. She grows to trust Ardal, their leader, as time and again he proves that he will do anything to keep her safe.

Ardal is the commander of a unit of elite alien warriors known as Hunters. All Hunters have been deemed dangerous and ordered executed. His decision to escape sends their ship plummeting to earth. When Fiona risks her life to help his men, Ardal swears to protect her. The last thing he expects is to be attracted to Fiona, especially when it is forbidden for a Hunter to mate.

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He turned and kissed her fingers. A piercing bolt of desire raced through his body knocking the air from his lungs. Never had he experienced such a thing. Only Fiona’s sharply inhaled breath told him that she felt it too. 

“This is insane,” she whispered. “What was that?”

“Our bond is strengthening.” Ardal’s voice was hoarse.

Her touch had a power that he had never felt before. It was stronger than any natural force or weapon. Fiona’s tongue flicked over her lower lip and for the first time in his life he wondered how a woman would taste. Not just any woman, though. Fiona was the only one he wanted.

He pulled her close and with his free hand brushed her hair from her face. By Cygnus, she was beautiful. He glanced down at her lips and was lost. Lowering his head, he captured her mouth. Thoughts scattered as sensation took over. His tongue glided over her lips. He licked and nibbled until she sighed and opened for him.

He thrust into the warm, moist haven she offered. His body hardened and control was forgotten as he delved deeper, skimming his tongue against hers, soothing and sliding until bliss spread over him. A surge of longing and need shot through him and concentrated in his groin.

Her scent filled his nostrils and the pounding of her heart was music to his ears. His hands roamed her back, but her shirt blocked a total bonding. With shaking fingers he pulled the cotton fabric from her jeans and then buried his hand beneath it. He connected with the silky smoothness of her skin and his body sizzled with intense yearning.

Never had he felt such pleasure. It was overwhelming. Fiona seemed to be experiencing the same because her body moved against him with frantic impatience. Desire, hunger, concern, and reverence all battled inside of him. Fiona was his pair bond. She deserved better than a hurried mating. He had to end this now.

A groan of conscious escaped him and he pulled away. He had to do what was best for Fiona. She needed time; time to trust him and time to commit to him. She looked up at him, her eyes glazed with passion. His breathing was too rapid to speak. He rested his forehead against hers and tried to recover. His body shook, his groin ached, and his brain refused to focus, but he had his answer.

Fiona tasted of heaven.

Wednesday Wives Club

They had the perfect lives until their husbands wanted more…

Four women gather every other Wednesday to quilt. Stitching turns to advice when, one by one, they reveal their marital struggles. They encourage and support each other as they set out to save their marriages, and in the process, learn the true meaning of friendship, love, and courage.

Ella has only been with one man, her husband. She was married and a mother at seventeen and has everything she thought she wanted; a successful family business, three grown children, and economic security. All that changes when she realizes her husband isn’t who he seems to be. Can she accept the adjustments necessary to keep her marriage intact?

Lara is a trophy wife. She was a young interior designer when she wed a rich and wealthy computer software developer. Seven years later, her business is flourishing and she’s yearning to start a family. Her husband has other ideas.

Alisa inherited her father’s chain of hotels and married for love. With her son away at boarding school, and her husband’s frequent business trips, she is bored. She thinks going to work is the challenge she needs. Her husband proposes an intriguing alternative. Dare she accept his provocative suggestion?

Brenna thought her husband was happy and fulfilled. Married when they were young, they have two adult children, and are financially secure. This is the time when they planned to enjoy their lives together. While cleaning out his jacket pockets, she discovers her husband craves something different.

Join the women as they endeavor to save their marriages and find true empowerment.


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A flutter of excitement danced in Ella’s stomach at the intensity of Jesse’s gaze. His gray eyes had softened to molten silver. The smell of lemons and musk mingled and tickled her nostrils. She inhaled deeply.

“There’s nothing to stop me from doing this,” he said in a husky voice before his lips captured hers.

Shock coursed through her, until the delicious sensations that Jesse was creating took over. She shuddered with delight as quivers of pleasure raced throughout her body. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and she brushed hers against his. The taste of lemonade and lust set her body on fire. An explosion of fireworks shimmered through her.

She felt alive.

She craved more.

Jesse brought his arms around her and pulled her close. His heart beat furiously against her chest. He was as aroused as she. Never had she experienced such overwhelming passion. It was intoxicating.

Jesse ended the kiss, gently nibbling and sucking her lips until he had eased away. She shook with yearning as an explosion of heat pulsed through her. His thumb brushed her jaw. She gasped at the intense jab of desire that twisted in her womb.

“I’ve wanted to do that, since the moment I first saw you.” Jesse’s voice shook.

Ella’s eyes widened. “I looked a mess that day.”

“You looked adorable.” Jesse rubbed his nose against hers. “I had to see you again. That’s why I agreed to do the renovation work for you.”

“You’re too young for me.” Ella tried to move away, but Jesse held her firm.

“I’m thirty-three. A grown man who knows what he wants. And I want you.”

Ella bit her lip. Jesse’s gaze didn’t waver. There was no denying that she was attracted to him and he was only five years younger than her. Technically, it wasn’t cradle robbing.

The simple truth was, she loved being with him. He’d been a friend when she had no one else. Time ceased at that moment. It was an effort to breathe as her chest tightened with indecision. She was at a turning point and the road to Jesse led to the edge of a cliff.

Did she dare jump?

What did she have to lose? Her marriage was over. Her children were grown. She’d be known as a cougar, and society would condemn her, but her friends would cheer her decision.

Then, there was Jesse’s kiss.

Unforgettable and life changing.

She took a deep breath. “I’m thirty-eight years old. I’m a grown woman who has never been kissed like that before. I want you.”

Jesse gave her a slow smile. “I’ll prove that age doesn’t matter.”



Her Shadow Lover


Trapped together in a dark priest hole, a spy with one last mission and a woman looking for a killer, forge a bond that sees them through danger, separation, and secrecy.